The usefulness of smartphones as a source of information in any investigation should never be underestimated, because they contain details about who was doing what, where and when. Smartphones are the new and improved personal computer, conveying communications and Internet access wherever we go, chronicling our private activities and geolocation details all the while.ForensicsPeople and organizations are migrating rapidly to smartphones and other mobile devices, bringing with them an increasing quantity of digital evidence, sensitive information, and malicious attackers. These private, portable embedded systems create a substantial opportunity and challenge for forensic practitioners and create security risks for organizations that have smartphones on their networks. Specialized methods and tools are required to extract and analyze data from smartphones, such as communications, multimedia, location information, and malware.


Our expert forensics team is ready to extract information from the smartphones and recovery deleted items that offenders thought was long gone. We will


Recover and reconstruct events relating to illegal or unauthorized activities, and provide your organization the capabilities to utilize evidence on smartphones

Forensic value of Flash memory

Forensic analysis of SIM cards

Recovering deleted information in SQLite databases

Details about online activities conducted using a smartphone.

What information was deleted from a smartphone.

What did the user do on a smartphone?

Who did the user communicate with using a smartphone?

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