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Mobile application penetration testing is the simulation of real-world hacking attacks on applications designed for mobile devices. It starts with the discovery of security holes in your mobile applications and then goes on to exploit them to generate proof-of-concept. Our team conducts mobile application penetration testing for a variety of platforms, which include iPad, iPhone, and Android.


Mobile application penetration testing will make your mobile applications more resilient toward attacks from hackers, and it will help you secure personally identifiable information (PII). This is of immense importance if your mobile application handles private user information, as the concern for user privacy is constantly growing. Mobile application penetration testing will also help you secure user financial information (such as credit card details). It will also provide you a thorough understanding of the technical threats and attack vectors targeting your mobile applications.



Are you confident that your mobile apps are secure? Mobile computing and its corresponding applications, are spreading faster than any other consumer technology in history.  Vulnerabilities are mapped to the OWASP Top 10 Mobile Security Risks. Deep-dive pen tests are run on the devices themselves as well as on back-end servers. The data collected includes shots, actual photos and text captures. The findings are then presented in a clear and organized manner along with documentation of our verification processes. At Tiloja Technologies, we will make sure that some of the security vulnerabilities checked for in your mobile apps include:


Insecure data storage

Weak server-side controls

Insufficient transport layer protection

Client-side injection vulnerabilities

Poor authentication and authorization

Improper session handling

Data flow issues

Side channel data leakage


Sensitive information disclosure

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