Wireless penetration testing provides details of weaknesses in the current wireless network implementation in your organization and how it could be exploited by attackers. Wireless penetration testing will help you mitigate threats to your wireless networks and clients. Tiloja's extensive approach in identifying the vulnerabilities on your wireless network will be part of the process that follows.


Our team experts perform thorough wireless penetration testing for your network using proven methodology. It includes Wireless Traffic Sniffing, Cracking Weak Encryption, Dictionary attacks on WPA handshakes, Attacking Access Points with Default Authentication, Exploiting Hidden SSIDs, Exploiting MAC filtering, Deploying Rogue Access points and Wireless Client Exploitation. At the end of the wireless penetration testing, you receive extensive reporting that details the vulnerabilities discovered, exploitation specifics (which includes the steps we took to exploit the discovered vulnerabilities), and our recommended steps for mitigation.


If your organization is a high-value target, attackers will try to penetrate your wireless networks, as they are the most exposed. Wireless security experts within our team will simulate these attacks before they occur and provide you with relevant solutions that will HARDEN your wireless security. This will help you mitigate security risks in your wireless environment.

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As one of the most successful cyber security companies in the industry, Tiloja Technologies offers comprehensive solutions and services to help enterprise-class organizations successfully develop security strategy and implement security measures.


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